Tukaffe is an energy bio-drink to be made at home. Package contains organic farming ingredients: cocoa, guarana, cane sugar, and other valuable extras. TUKAFFE is an exotic alternative for coffee, quick to prepare: add your favourite beverage (such as soy beverage), milk or water, stir, and enjoy pure energy coming straight from nature.

  • Healthier alternative for coffee – product made from non-roasted ingredients.

  • Tasty, stimulating, guarana used as caffeine source.

  • Ingredients come from certified farming (ECO).

  • Powdered product.

  • Raw cocoa is rich in micronutrients.

  • One pack allows to prepare 10 servings of drink (2l).

  • Quick preparation – dissolve 2 tablespoons in warm or cold: water, milk, vegetable beverage.

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