Spróbuj WEGE are no-meat salads based on composition of rice, groats, vegetables, sprouts, seeds and delicious dressing. The range of flavours is inspired by international cuisines – aromatic meals are distinctive in taste. Excellent choice for those who wish to enrich their diet with vegetable products.

  • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Answer to dynamically growing product category.

  • Recipes based on natural ingredients.

  • One packaging contains two recommended servings of the product.

  • Convenient storage, no refrigerator required.

  • Distinctive and modern packaging design.

  • 3 flavours.

Packshot__0000_Sprobuj Wege - ryzotto or
Packshot__0001_Sprobuj Wege - kaszotto k
Packshot__0002_Sprobuj Wege - ryzotto ta
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