Currently, what is value the most is time. Due to ever faster pace of life, we are constantly short of time, what influences our purchasing choices. Customers more often decide to choose ready meals. QLINARY brand responds to the needs of a modern customer — this is a really convenient solution, offering balanced, natural and tasty meals, ready in several minutes.

  • Balanced composition.

  • Recipes based on natural ingredients.

  • Wide range of flavour variants.

  • Taste profile dedicated for the wide group of customers.

  • Convenient storage, no refrigerator required.

  • Distinctive and modern packaging design.

  • Multi-language label.

Packshot__0018_Qlinary grzyby.jpg
Packshot__0017_Qlinary kurki.jpg
Packshot__0016_Qlinary miód.jpg
Packshot__0015_Qlinary musztarda.jpg
Packshot__0014_Qlinary pomidor.jpg
Packshot__0013_Qlinary zioła.jpg
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