Ready meals, stored in a cooled shelf, based on classic recipes of Polish and international cuisine. Characteristic features of the PYSZNIEJEMY brand cover: large portions, wide range of products, balanced nutritional value, and above all exquisite taste. All meal variants are based on natural ingredients and are free from food additives such as flavour enhancers or preservatives.

  • Balanced composition.

  • Recipes based on natural ingredients.

  • Wide range of flavour variants.

  • Taste profile of the meal dedicated for Polish consumer.

  • Distinctive packaging design.

Packshot__0020_kurczak paprykowo-pomidor
Packshot__0022_kurczak miodowo-pieprzowy
Packshot__0019_kurczak smietanowo-grzybo
Packshot__0024_kurczak w kurkach.jpg
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