Get it Fit is a functional dish for active people and sportsmen. Unique recipes inspired by cuisines of the world, combined with characteristic and modern packaging design, perfectly complement active life-style. Eat after workout, take with you on an expedition, supply protein to your diet.

  • Nutritional value balanced to match requirements of sports nutrition.

  • High protein content, low sugar content.

  • Distinct recipes inspired by exotic cuisine.

  • Large portions, suitable for sportsmen: 420g.

  • Convenient storage, no refrigerator required.

  • Distinctive packaging design, clearly communicating way of use.

  • Multi-language label.

  • WOJOWNICY (FIGHTERS) line: 5 flavour options.

Packshot__0035_GiF samurai.jpg
Packshot__0037_GiF gladiator.jpg
Packshot__0034_GiF viking.jpg
Packshot__0036_GiF ninja.jpg
Packshot__0038_GiF desperado.jpg
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